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Delivering trust in digital assets

BitGo enables our clients to securely hold, invest, and build with digital assets.

How BitGo came to be

In 2012, BitGo CEO Mike Belshe was impressed by the technology behind Bitcoin and the emerging cryptocurrency market, appreciating the power it held to transform financial markets as we know them. 

He began manually building air-gapped storage systems for himself and many prominent angel investors in Silicon Valley. 

As an internet pioneer and creator of the HTTP/2.0 protocol, however, Mike had witnessed the rise-and-rise of malware on the Internet. 

As Bitcoin prices rose, he feared crypto would likewise come under threat and his hobbyist’s state-of-the-art air-gapped solution would be insufficient.

As he searched for a solution. It became clear he needed to invent his own. Mike then pioneered the first commercially ready multi-signature wallets. These early projects led to the creation of BitGo in 2013 and has become the foundation of BitGo’s multi-signature system.

Where we are today

BitGo provides the most secure and scalable solutions for the digital asset economy, offering regulated custody, borrowing and lending, and core infrastructure to investors and builders alike. 

Founded in 2013 – the early days of crypto – BitGo pioneered the multi-signature wallet and later built TSS to improve upon other companies' MPC offerings. Between multi-sig and TSS, BitGo offers the safest technology on the market and safeguards over 600 tokens across a wide variety of blockchains. 

Over the years, BitGo has expanded from offering wallets into providing a full-suite solution that lets clients hold assets safely and then put them to work.

BitGo launched BitGo Trust Company in 2018, providing fully regulated, qualified cold storage to complement BitGo Inc’s original hot wallet solution. 

In 2020, BitGo launched BitGo Prime, which allows its clients to trade, borrow, and lend.

Moreover, BitGo also provides access to DeFi, staking, NFT wallets, and beyond, and serves as the world’s sole custodian for WBTC, or wrapped Bitcoin. 

Today, BitGo is the leader in digital asset security, custody, and liquidity, providing the operational backbone for more than 1,500 institutional clients in over 50 countries – a list that includes many regulated entities and the world’s top cryptocurrency exchanges and platforms.

BitGo also processes approximately 20% of all global Bitcoin transactions by value.

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Institutional custody, staking, and trading.
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