Secure your NFTs

Receive, hold, and send NFTs with storage built specifically for institutions and platforms.

Best for: Participating in the NFT ecosystem

Get into the NFT market without making compromises on your security.

Key management: NFT wallets

Store your NFTs in either hot or custodial wallets, depending on your needs. 

With hot wallets, you manage two of the three keys; with custodial wallets, BitGo keeps all three in cold storage. 

Diagram showing who holds the wallet keys for different types of NFT wallets.
NFTs held in a BitGo wallet.

Protect your investment

Guard your NFTs with regulated, qualified custody when you place them in cold storage with BitGo.

Interact securely with marketplaces via BitGo APIs.

Screenshot showing an NFT withdrawal transaction.

Get support for most NFTs

Store and send NFTs from the most popular protocols: ERC-721, ERC-1155, and CryptoPunks.

Get coverage for a majority of NFTs on the market.

Details of a valuable NFT held in a wallet.

Manage NFTs as you choose

Access your NFTs directly from the BitGo user interface, view stats with MMI or programmatically via API.

Choose API to programmatically support NFTs received from your DeFi transactions.

Key features

Send from the UI
Transfer your NFTs without needing an outside service.

Multiple protocols
Get coverage for most NFTs on the market.

Wallet management
Assign user roles and create wallet policies.

NFT hot wallets are provided through our BitGo Inc. entity and NFT custodial wallets through our BitGo Trust Company, Inc. entity. Learn more.

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Institutional custody, staking, and trading.
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