Release Notes

April 2018 Release Notes

New Features and Enhancements

● Added block priority to v2 BTC wallets.

● Added more explicit warnings about the risks of creating backup key in browser.

● Added checkbox to confirm safe storage of KeyCard.

● Moved currency selection menu to wallets tab.

● Cross-chain recovery functionality moved to the SDK.

● Added webhooks to V2 wallet settings.

● Added support for BTG and ERC-20 tokens to the Offline Vault.

● Multiple Admin Approvals are now configurable in policies.

● Final Approval Policy: Wallet policy allows Enterprise admins to designate a user with any wallet role to give final sign off on transactions from the wallet.

● Added support for five new ERC-20 tokens: WAX, RDN, MKR, ZIL.

● Offline Vault adds support for signing ERC-20 tokens and BTG.

● Wallet creation now allows users to upload public key json files directly rather than copy/paste.

● Wallet policy dialogs now expanded by default.

Bug Fixes

● BTC v1 transactions with low priority are no longer rebuilt with defaults upon approval.

● Pending approvals for BTC v1 no longer processed from wallet page.

● In BTC v1, Google Authenticator no longer gives an invalid OTP error on transactions.

● BTC v1 balances are now included in the wallet total on the main wallet page.

● Fixed issue switching from v1 to v2 between enterprise and personal wallets.

● Back arrows in wallets fixed.

● Transaction memos now printing correctly in wallet reports.

● Fixed email delivery for XRP transactions to non-BitGo addresses.

● Fixed BTC wallet generating new address without user input when opened.

● Fixed USD display on individual wallet.

● Fixed email delivery for changes to approvalsRequired field on a wallet.

● Fixed problem with sharing multiple v1 wallets.

● Fixed problem excluding BTC v1 wallets from organization reports.

● Minor visual styling updates and error messages in UI.

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