Release Notes

April 2020 Release Notes

Settle trades from custody as an agent broker:

BitGo Settlement now supports agency settlement, enabling agent brokers to settle offsetting trades between two counterparties in the same currency pair. Our settlement platform ensures that counterparties are funded to settle their side of the agent trade and balances never leave the safety of BitGo Custody.

The ability to settle trades “as agent” requires two on-boarded counterparties for whom the broker acts as an agent or third party. After executing opposing trades in the same currency pair (BTC, ETH, LTC, and BCH vs USD), the broker enters settlement details to BitGo’s platform via API integration or BitGo’s UI. Once the counterparties affirm their trade legs, off-chain settlement is instantaneous and assets are ready to withdraw.

settle trades from custody

This feature augments the existing direct settlement service that allows BitGo counterparties to settle trades on a direct DVP basis from custody. Both methods ensure that counterparties have adequate balances before the settlement is affirmed.