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BitGo Solutions - Clearing & Settlement Service

BitGo is building a clearing & settlement service to address the most pressing crypto market structure issues:
• Counterparty risk - one party must act first and rely on the counterparty’s good faith
• Inefficient capital allocation - breaking up the balance sheet in order to trade on multiple exchanges
• Compliance infringement - funds need to leave custody in order to settle trades

As a qualifed custodian, BitGo is uniquely positioned to deliver riskless, effcient, and compliant crypto trade clearing & settlement. Client assets remain secure and never leave cold storage. Trades are settled off chain via virtual journal swaps, and synchronized on chain upon withdrawal.

• Minimizing counterparty risk by locking funds during settlement
• Virtual journal swaps facilitate trading on multiple exchanges without breaking up the balance sheet; instant settlement also becomes possible
• Maintaining the security and compliance benefits of a regulated trust company
• Reducing market risk by settling off chain
• Improving operational efficiency by minimizing human error and speeding up settlement

BitGo Solutions - Clearing & Settlement Service

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