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Custom Enterprise API Endpoint

With a custom endpoint, you gain access to separate resources from the public www.bitgo.com API. This has the following advantages:

• Increased Reliability

The public API endpoint is more susceptible to spam and attacks by malevolent individuals. With a custom endpoint and a different pool of resources, you will be less likely to be impacted by such attacks.

• Increased Privacy

Your API calls are not processed on the same infrastructure as the public endpoint and do not go through Cloudflare, thus potentially increasing privacy for your requests.

• Higher rate limits

BitGo reserves the right to rate limit requests to our public endpoint. On the enterprise level custom endpoint, users are able to burst requests at a rate of 300 requests per minute or more.

• Higher SLA Guarantee

Paying customers on the public endpoint receive an SLA target of 99.95% (more info at https://www.bitgo.com/sla). Custom endpoints receive an SLA target of 99.99%.

• Increased Performance

In a custom endpoint, your requests are not in the same queue as the public majority, resulting in improved performance.

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Custom Enterprise API Endpoint

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