Release Notes

December 2018 Release Notes

New Features and Enhancements

Handwritten note now included for custodial customers
● BitGo custodial on-boarding now includes a step for a user to take a picture of him/herself with a handwritten note that says BitGo and the date.

dec 4 18 release notes

Stellar is now available in production for all users.

Added support for new ERC-20 tokens:
● Mithril, MITH
● ContentBox, BOX
● Mass Vehicle Ledger, MVL
● Loom Network, LOOM
● Endor Protocol, EDR
● Enjin Coin, ENJ
● Gifto, GTO
● PumaPay, PMA
● Metadium, META

Display of full balance decimal place precision is now available in the user interface.

Browser session extension - Users will be notified and allowed to extend a browser session.

dec 19 18 release notes

Bug Fixes

Resolved issue where transaction building was not using unconfirmed SegWit change UTXOs.
Resolved horizontal scrollbar issues in web-based UI.
Resolved an issue with the custodial wallet icon that was not functioning correctly.
Fixed an issue in the offline vault tool where canceling the file write dialog forced the user to restart the key generation process.
Fixed a typo in the user agreement api route.
Fixed an issue that displayed an incorrect total balance.
Removed horizontal scrollbar on client pages that was incorrectly being displayed. Updated the MITH icon to display correctly in the web-based application.
Ripple + Stellar: Fix Transfer logic incorrectly marking some Transfers as 'removed'.

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