Release Notes

December 2019 Release Notes

Stellar Tokens

All BitGo Stellar hot wallets are now able to store and transact tokens that are hosted on the Stellar network. The Stellar network enforces a security feature that requires each Stellar wallet to establish a “Trust Line” with the specific token that the wallet will be interacting with by submitting an on-chain transaction. BitGo users will be able to see the list of supported Stellar tokens in their hot wallets and establish a trust line with each token from the UI with one click.

Trading Accounts Forgot Password Flow

When trading account users forget their password, they can now request an admin to reshare the key so that the password can be reset. This flow can be initiated either in the trading account settings menu or during the authentication process of creating a new settlement.

ERC20 Tokens

Support for the following tokens has been enabled: Pax Gold (PAXG), Binance USD (BUSD), Orchid (OXT), Saga Token (SGA), Rupiah Token (IDRT), Caspian (CSP), MenaPay (MPAY), Zipmex (ZMT), BitNational (BNL).