Escalations Procedure

24x7 Emergency Escalation Procedure

At BitGo, we understand that your business is critical. That is why we strive to offer best-in-class service, including escalation for critical issues 24 hours per day, seven days per week, including holidays. Once a case is escalated, the BitGo rapid response team will engage to tackle security, technical, or service related issues as quickly as possible. Consider this to be the 9-1-1 for BitGo Service issues.

When To Escalate A Problem?

The 24x7 emergency escalation procedure is intended for urgent, mission critical issues. Please refrain from using emergency escalations for non-critical issues, as it will inhibit our ability to service high priority issues properly.

Examples of problems for emergency escalations include:

  • Completely unable to send transactions (if it has been determined that this has not been caused by “user error” such as setting low transaction fees)
  • Evidence that there may be a disruption in service on the BitGo platform
  • Evidence that your BitGo account may have been compromised

Escalation Procedure

  • Submit a support ticket to premiumsupport@bitgo.com explaining the critical issue you are facing. Please describe the reason for escalation and business impact of the problem.
  • Contact BitGo’s emergency support hotline number: +1 (650) 542-0730
  • Provide your existing support ticket number and request to escalate the issue

Non-Critical Problems

You can always reach out to your Account Manager as an additional point of contact to escalate the support issue.

For non-critical reports, we will respond to you as soon as possible during our regular support business hours. Our business hours are from 4:00 PM PT Sundays through 4:00 PM PT Fridays, excluding U.S. federal holidays (emergency support is still available during U.S. federal holidays).

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