Fact vs. Fiction: How to Vet Crypto Custody Insurance Coverage


Crypto Custody Insurance: Does "we're insured" really mean your coins are covered?

"We have $2 billion in insurance coverage." That's an actual assertion that has been made by a cryptocurrency custodian. It sounds impressive, but is it true? There are currently no credible sources that would support the notion that $2B of crypto insurance is available in the market. Investors need to know how to vet these assertions.

This webinar features Jacob Decker, Vice President, Director of Financial Institutions at Woodruff Sawyer, one of the largest insurance brokers in the U.S. and the firm that has been on the cutting edge of crypto insurance.

On this webinar, Jacob:

• Explores the assertions in the market and separate myth from reality.

• Reviews types of insurance and protections available.

• Highlights key questions to ask any custodian who says they are "insured."

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