Release Notes

March 2019 Release Notes

New Features and Enhancements

BitGo has added support for additional ERC-20 tokens:
● Cred
● EthOS
● CannDollar
Other ERC-20 tokens released earlier in March:
● Hxro
● Refereum
● Coineru Platinum
● Coineru Silver
● Coineru Gold
● eToro New Zealand Dollar
● eToro Japanese Yen
● eToro Russian Ruble
● eToro Chinese Yuan
● eToro Swiss Franc
● eToro United States Dollar
● eToro Euro
● eToro Pound Sterling
● eToro Australian Dollar
● eToro Canadian Dollar
● eToro Gold
● eToro Silver
● AlphaSlot

Digital Assets Services is now available as an insurance provider for hot wallets covering theft and loss of keys on all coins. The service can be selected through the web UI.

The BitGo API can use Native SegWit addresses to send and receive funds. The address will be default to Wrapped SegWit but users can select Native SegWit in the API.

Bug Fixes

● Users list for Ethereum has been removed from the API. This includes the users field /api/v2/{coin}/key and /api/v2/{coin}/key/{id}. API clients must discontinue use of these fields.
● Fixed issue in which ERC-20 tokens sent within a wallet were not properly handled.
● Many endpoints now return the correct fee and fee rate for the submitted transaction for API v1.
● Fixed issue concerning generation of wallet report for February 2019.
● Pending approval now distinguishes between owners and members.
● Fixed BID ERC-20 token divisibility to support 2 decimal points.

Other Notes

Several ERC-20 tokens are moving to Mainnet. We will discontinue support of these tokens on the BitGo platform once the ERC-20 contract is frozen. Users holding these tokens in BitGo Ethereum wallet(s), must remove them from the wallets as soon as possible in order to avoid loss of funds.
● Aeternity
● Alon
● Medibloc
● MetalPay
● QuantumResistantLedger
● Rebellious
● WaltonChain
● Zilliqa

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