Release Notes

May 2018 Release Notes

New Features and Enhancements

● Bitcoin Gold wallets are now migrated to v2.

● Updates and improvements to web tool U.

● ERC-20 token balances now also show the equivalent in fiat currency.

● Webhook limit increased from 10 to 25 of each webhook type (Transfer and Pending Approval) per wallet.

● The changeAddress parameter has been added to V2 of the API.

● Any user can create TETH or TXRP wallets in test environment.

Bug Fixes

● Fixed transfer issue for ETH and ERC-20 webhooks.

● ETH wallet receive page now updating properly after pendingChainInitialization is complete.

● ETH wallet no longer accepts less than 30000 while doing an eth send/create/receive address creation.

● Updates to wallet settings screen.

● v2 wallets with a non-zero balance can no longer be deleted.

● Fixed nonce issue that prevented some ETH transactions from being broadcast.

● Fixed search bug that caused some wallets to produce limited reports.

● The SDK no longer throws an "undefined" error when some users attempt to approve transactions.

● v2 wallet shares now link directly to the user enterprise.

● Fixed “Log In” link on the signup page.

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