Release Notes

November 2018 Release Notes

New Features and Enhancements

Added support for 9 new ERC-20 tokens

RBY - Ruby X
UQC - Uquid Coin
MFT - Mainframe
AOA - Aurora
LINK - Chainlink
AE - Aeternity
HOT - Holo
MET - Metronome

BitGo Trust custody v1.0

BitGo has added support for BitGo Trust custody. This includes creating a Trust custody wallet type that includes address whitelisting, policies and outbound transfer features.

Invite organizational users to a wallet

Wallet administrators are able to select users to add to a wallet from a pre-populated list of users in an organization. This enables easy addition of users to the wallet.
If a user is added to the wallet who is not on the enterprise yet, that user will be added to the wallet and the enterprise. Users who do not have bitgo accounts will be created and added to the enterprise. Once those users login and create their bitgo account passwords, then can then be added to the wallet at a later time. The org admin will receive an email notification for all new users who are added to the organization by wallet administrators.

nov 6 18 release notes 1

Attention badge for custodial users who have not yet passed individual KYC

As a member of a custodial org that has not finished KYC yet, I now see a little alert badge on my user-dropdown to guide me back to the KYC flow and help me finish my verification.

nov 6 18 release notes 2

Plan for BCH hard fork on Nov 15, 2018

BitGo has a plan to support the upcoming BCH hard fork. Customer-facing materials will be made available prior to the hardfork.

Add support for Zcash Sapling

A new tutorial is available for Zcash sapling at https://blog.bitgo.com/how-to-create-a-zcash-sapling-compatible-multisig-transaction-98e45657c48d

November 20 Update:

BitGo support for BCH hardfork. The details can be found here.

BitGo Custody customers can now create custodial XRP wallets on bitgo.com.

Added support for 4 additional ERC-20 tokens:
Drive, DRV
Multiven, MTCN
Steamr DATAcoin, DATA
MediBloc, MEDX

When a user is invited to register an account within an organization, the user now will provide a name and country of residence in addition to password.

The BitGo Offline Vault Console key creation process (both single and sharded) now includesan optional export to JPG. This is in addition to the {{.json}} export that is already supported.

Bug Fixes

HTML title of bitgo.com displays {{ pageTitle() }} when loading.

Enabled use of keyboard shortcuts in country and state fields on bitgo.com.

Resolved issue with ETH gas tank balance not showing correctly.

Incorrect UI notification displayed to user - "your wallet has been confirmed and is ready to receive funds."

Resolved issue that did not allow full sign transactions in the BitGo Offline Vault Console

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