Release Notes

November Release Notes


BitGo has added support for TRX, the native currency of the Tron blockchain in both hot wallets and cold custodial wallets. Tron’s $1.3B market cap places it as the 11th largest cryptocurrency. Under the leadership of Justin Sun, Tron has risen as one of the most vibrant blockchain ecosystems.

Stellar Tokens

BitGo is offering the very first custodial solution for Stellar tokens. Similar to Ethereum, the Stellar network also has the ability to host tokens.
Unlike Ethereum, in order to be able to receive a Stellar token, the user first has to broadcast a transaction to the blockchain to establish a trust line. We have built this transaction into the BitGo UI. Upon opening your Stellar wallet navigate to the “Tokens” tab. Here you will be able to see the list of supported Stellar tokens and establish a trust line with one click.These added protections make Stellar tokens an attractive choice for security tokens.

Organizational Level Whitelisting for ERC-20s

We have added a new policy feature that allows users to specify a whitelist at the organizational level on a specific ERC-20 token from the UI. Previously users were only able to specify a whitelist for all tokens, but now every token can have its own set of whitelisted addresses.

ERC20 Tokens

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