Release Notes

October 2018 Release Notes

New Features and Enhancements

BitGo has added multi-signature wallet support for Dash including support for Dash InstantSend.

BitGo now supports 92 coins and tokens with the addition of the following ERC-20 tokens:
• Digix (DGX)
• Formosa Financial (FMF)
• Gemini Dollar (GUSD)
• Gnosis (GNO)
• Paxos (PAX)
• Pundi X (NPXS)
• Hybrid Block (HYB)
• InternationalCryptoX (INCX)
• Zebi Coin (ZCO)

Added infrastructure support for Dash Instant-Send functionality.

Send address labels now supports the same label associated with different send addresses.

Filtering the transactions list on a wallet is now supported. The fields that can be filtered are date, to/from and amount.

oct 9 18 release notes 1

BitGo services show “XRP” and its associated new iconography in the place of “Ripple,” the former name of the XRP coin.

BitGo now provides an alert badge over Activity in the top navigation to easily see any pending approvals.

oct 9 18 release notes

BitGo Security

BitGo upgraded our BTC-related nodes, including BCH, LTC and likely BTG. This timely mitigation eliminated the recently reported vulnerability for each of these coins.

Wallet Improvements

• Filtering the transactions list using send labels is now supported.

octt 23 18 release notes 1

• New BitGo users are no longer forced into a bitcoin wallet creation flow when they newly create accounts on bitgo.com.

Organizational Users Page

As an organizational owner, you can now view all of your organizational owners and users on a single page. You can invite new users to that page and view the invite acceptance state. Custodial users can also view identity status information for each user and organizational owner.

oct 23 18 release notes 2

Reports Improvements

The Reports page alerts you that your report is generating in the format that you’ve selected.

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