BitGo Tax

Institutional Digital Asset Tax Reporting

BitGo enables businesses to benefit from a comprehensive, institutional-quality solution that supports a variety of tax strategies. Fully integrated with BitGo Portfolio, BitGo Tax simplifies tax reporting by providing the tax basis for resolved transactions and respective tax lots. It is able to support multiple tax lot identification methods and can provide realized gain and loss reports across all taxable events, while BitGo Portfolio tracks and logs these activities to create an audit-ready system of record.

A Comprehensive Tax Solution for Digital Assets

Dynamic tracking of cost basis and capital gains/losses

Clear understanding of performance and returns

Ability to implement tax-efficient strategies


  • Convert trading data into export-ready audit, compliance, and tax reports
  • Support multiple tax lot ID methods including FIFO, LIFO,
    High Cost, Low Cost, and Average Cost
  • View opened and closed tax lots at an individual transaction level
  • Create a traceable history of the portfolio since inception displaying how transactions are interconnected via tax lots
  • Produce reports on tax lots, open tax lots and open tax lots by account
  • Reconcile open tax lots to produce proper holdings and cost basis information
  • Generate reports for all taxable events within a portfolio
  • Produce U.S. Form 8949 to report sales and exchanges of capital assets
  • Leverage tax lot reports to support tax-efficient strategies

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