Better insights, better decisions

View and manage your entire digital asset portfolio across top exchanges, blockchain wallets, and service providers—all in one place.
BitGo interface with portfolio holdings and news

A comprehensive view

Track historical performance, current positions, and asset allocation. Get news and insights relevant to your holdings in real time.

Digital asset accounting made simple

BitGo Portfolio is designed to make the process of transaction resolution—defining the type and cost basis of individual transactions—more accurate, efficient, and scalable. The system’s Auto Resolution, Smart Resolution, and Manual Resolution capabilities work in conjunction to provide clients with more control over internal accounting processes and the ability to construct either a completely automated or more manual workflow.

Easily categorize line items in a transaction with BitGo

Report chooser in BitGo Portfolio

A robust reporting experience

BitGo Portfolio allows users to produce a wide variety of comprehensive reports organized by portfolio, holdings, and line items. Filter by transaction type, asset, account, and key dates to create more focus. Generate on-demand reports to support a range of workflows—from capturing daily holding snapshots to tracking expenses related to blockchain fees, exchange trade fees, and more.

Bridging the ecosystem

BitGo Portfolio supports more than 30 different transaction types including fund subscriptions and redemptions, digital asset purchases and sales, mining activity, forks, and loans across a broad range of exchanges, blockchain wallets, and service providers. Moreover, clients have the ability to manually upload historical data via our intuitive CSV Upload experience.
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BitGo is one of the earliest and most respected firms in the space, and that reputation was really important to us for our custody provider.
Arianna Simpson, Founder and Managing Director, Autonomous Partners
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Institutional custody, staking, and trading.
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