Institutional digital asset tax reporting

BitGo Tax allows institutional clients to confidently track and understand the performance and returns of their digital asset portfolio. The solution, which is fully integrated with BitGo Portfolio, calculates cost basis, realized gains/losses, and tax lots across a full historical dataset of integrated wallets, exchanges, and digital asset service providers.

Understand performance and returns

BitGo Tax provides full visibility into cost basis and returns on both an aggregate and per transaction level. Generate a comprehensive view of all realized events to understand capital gains and losses, including support for crypto-to-crypto transactions.

Different transaction types on BitGo

Accounting settings in BitGo

Audit, Compliance, and Tax Reporting

BitGo Tax enables clients to convert historical transaction data into export-ready audit, compliance, and tax reports. A realized report provides easy access to all taxable events within a portfolio and tax lot reports can be leveraged to support a spectrum of tax-efficiency strategies.

Manage tax lots in real time

BitGo Tax supports multiple tax lot identification methods including FIFO, LIFO, Highest Cost, Lowest Cost and Average Cost. Each method can be applied either across all connected wallets, exchanges, and service providers, or on a per account basis—providing true control around how tax lots are opened and closed within a portfolio. A detailed tax lot view provides insight into which specific lots are being opened or closed at an individual transaction level and offers the ability to navigate between transactions that are connected via tax lots.

Tax lots in BitGo Tax product

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BitGo had the established track record and solid reputation that we were looking for when it came to securing our funds. The company’s reputation for excellence made BitGo the clear choice as our custody partner.
Josh Cincinnati, Executive Director, Zcash Foundation
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