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BitGo Builds Customs Private Blockchains

Blockchains for Security Tokens, Real-estate tokens and more

BitGo believes that, in the future, many assets will be digitized and transacted on a blockchain. BitGo's history of innovation and track record of solving the most difficult technical, security, and compliance problems associated with blockchains uniquely positions us to help clients create a solution that works for them in the real world.

Many blockchain companies do proofs-of-concept. BitGo moves beyond proof-of-concept into design, development, and delivery of real-world applications

We approach private blockchain construction in pursuit of the same end goal that has guided our work on public blockchains: making digital currencies function as mature systems with enterprise-scale tools.

The BitGo Process

Asking the right questions before building the right solution. Before accepting a blockchain project, we work closely with our client to explore questions in each of our blockchain construction practice areas.

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