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It is evident that issuing a digital security has many advantages to traditional placements. However, digital assets require much more scrutiny in order to maintain security, compliance, and to attract investors. BitGo enables issuers to launch their coin or token on a secure and battle-tested platform that meets the needs of regulators.

What do issuers require from a custodian?

Institutional Partners

Working with a regulated custodian is paramount when issuing a new digital asset. Not only is it vital in the minds of regulators, but it also helps open doors to work with investors that have security and compliance front of mind.


Digital asset custodians must have the engineering skill set to integrate new types of assets, especially protocols that are far different from traditional digital assets. Certain issuance platforms require custom API support for secure integration for a range of use cases, such as identity verification, governance, and token issuance to end users.

Qualified Custodian

Security tokens operate under regulatory environments and require proper due diligence. Qualified custodians are audited by third parties to document treasury controls, insurance procedures, technology infrastructure, and to conduct other important assessments as required by regulators.

BitGo Security Token Program – The Right Partner to Accelerate Adoption

The BitGo Security Token Program is designed to provide compliance, security, token management, and other services to help in the digitizing of assets. As a qualified custodian, BitGo understands the importance of working with a reputable firm for compliance, custody, and security.

BitGo Custody
As a state chartered Trust Company and Qualified Custodian under the Investment Advisers Act of 1940, BitGo Trust provides regulated custody with the technical expertise to hold and safekeep security tokens and fiat.
BitGo Hot Wallets
The industry’s most secure multi-signature wallets with policy controls to manage funds. Best used to secure smaller investments offering quicker access to funds.
Smart Contract Management
Manage risk and administrative smart contract functions for security tokens including minting, burning, whitelisting, and lock-out periods.
Linked Accounts
Support for single sign-on using OAuth to automatically link accounts and wallets for easy access.
Platform Integration
Connect your service with BitGo’s API and OAuth to provide seamless access to custody for issuers and investors. A referral program is also available for digital security platforms.
Marketing Support
Let your clients know you’re working with BitGo, the leader in institutional digital asset financial services. Display the BitGo logo on your website and in your marketing materials. We’ll also list your security token on BitGo’s website.

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