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Liquidity providers create a more efficient and stable digital asset market by taking on capital risk to provide deep liquidity. By providing quality order execution, liquidity, and block trading, liquidity providers are exposed to counterparty and exchange risk. Qualified custodian BitGo Trust Company delivers the most battle-tested solution on the market.

What do liquidity providers require?

Capital Efficiency

In order to trade across multiple venues, liquidity providers have to break up their balance sheet, trust their assets in the hands of centralized exchanges, and manage counterparty risk. Liquidity providers want a solution which enables market participants to park their assets in an insured and secure environment while having access to their respective buying power on multiple venues. Rather than settling trades manually, participants need an automated solution to settle trades with other trusted parties.


Participants in the digital asset market have experienced billions in losses due to theft of assets from exchanges and other venues. The irrevocability of crypto transactions makes the technological and operational security of the private keys critical for successful custody. Proper security requires audited controls for the storage of keys, disaster recovery, geographical and personnel redundancies, egress out of cold wallets, and other vital processes.

Risk Mitigation

Market makers and OTC trading desks rely on the trustworthiness of the exchanges they trade on and the counterparties to whom they provide execution. Inherent in every trade is the risk of theft at an exchange and the failure to deliver from a counterparty. A regulated, insured, and independent third party is required to ensure the creditworthiness of all parties involved in a trade.

Access to trading without ever moving assets out of cold storage

BitGo Trust Company enables liquidity providers to trade with fully creditworthy, KYC/AML compliant counterparties and make markets on multiple exchanges without fragmenting their balance sheet or taking exchange risk. By choosing BitGo Trust Company, liquidity providers can achieve their business goals without jeopardizing the security of their assets.

  • 100% cold storage technology in bank-grade Class III vaults
  • 250+ assets supported, covering over 75% of the digital asset market cap
  • $100 million in insurance protection for assets held in custody
  • Complete record of all transactional and user activity to meet audit requirements
  • Customizable organizational roles and policy controls to safely manage funds in cold storage and hot wallets

Building for the future of digital assets

Leveraging the largest network of exchanges and buy side firms, BitGo is building the most flexible solution for liquidity providers to efficiently use their capital while minimizing risk. Store assets with BitGo and gain access to a growing digital asset network for settlement.

  • Trade with top fund managers who also use BitGo as a custodian
  • Stay secure and compliant with assets in custody, not parked on exchanges
  • Mitigate counterparty risk through instant settlement
  • Leverage Silvergate SEN directly from BitGo’s platform

Trust your business to the leader in security, custody, and compliance

1st qualified



for digital assets

$100 Million

in insurance

$325+ Billion

in transactions

20% of all

onchain Bitcoin


250+ coins & tokens

representing 75%

of market cap

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Qualified custodian BitGo Trust Company delivers the most battle-tested solutions for liquidity providers on the market.
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