Work with a trusted partner

Get the infrastructure needed to offer digital assets as legal currency or the tools to help enforce regulations.

Who we serve

Government entities looking for some combination of:

  • Programmatic wallets to provide their own citizens and residents

  • Wallets and regulated custody for enforcement bodies

  • Self-managed custody for digital assets

  • Wallets and regulated custody to manage treasuries, taxes, and beyond

Bring crypto to your country

Leverage BitGo’s regulated cold storage, Wallets as a Service, and APIs to spin up the wallets and receive addresses needed for your citizens.

Rely on our battle-tested technology and access to liquidity to make digital assets legal tender if you choose to do so.

Enforce the rules

Get hot wallets and qualified custody when you need to safely leverage crypto as part of your enforcement operations.

Ensure those funds get held securely, thanks to BitGo’s industry-leading security technology and longevity.

Work with experts

Speak with our experts for thought partnership or to connect with other regulatory bodies in your country.

Confidently collaborate with BitGo, a long-serving custodian with entities regulated by multiple nations.

Favorite products for governments

Hot wallets

Self-managed cold wallets

Custodial wallets

We’re always working to protect the safety of our users. That’s why all of our products have been supported by BitGo since the beginning, including our government line.
Arley Lozano, CEO, Panda Exchange
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Institutional custody, staking, and trading.
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Who We Serve