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BitGo provides regulated custody, financial services, and core infrastructure for investors and builders alike.

Who we serve

Our customers fall into two key categories:

A wide variety of firms – from family offices to hedge funds to market makers to banks – safeguard and deploy their assets via BitGo.

Exchanges, retail aggregators, platforms, and crypto startups depend on BitGo to power their infrastructure, manage custody, and access liquidity.

Trusted by:

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Why clients come to BitGo

Our products fall into three major categories, allowing you to:

Secure your assets

Protect the keys to your crypto with the industry’s leading security technology. 

BitGo Trust Company also offers “qualified” custody – meaning we’re regulated and audited – with up to $250M in insurance.  

Deploy your capital

The goal isn’t just to hold assets, but to put them to work. 

BitGo lets you deploy your funds in a number of ways – from DeFi to classic prime services – depending on your risk tolerance. 

BitGo products that help you deploy funds: Lending, borrowing, trading, staking, DeFi access.

Build platforms

Deliver more for your own users without needing to hire additional blockchain engineers. 

Exchanges, retail aggregators, and software companies use BitGo’s wallet and API technology to power their back-end systems. 

BitGo products that help you build: Wallets as a service, APIs.

What sets us apart

When it comes to crypto, not all custody is created equal.

Comprehensive solution

Choose from a full suite of options to hold and deploy your assets. 

Some custodians offer hot or custodial wallets – but not both – or lack options for you to put your funds to work safely. 

Qualified custodian

BitGo Trust Company, Inc serves as a qualified custodian, and likewise meets rigorous regulatory standards aimed at protecting client funds from loss or misuse. 

Many “custodians” aren’t actually regulated. Rather, they ask you to simply trust that your funds will be safe.

Established leader

BitGo has been around since the early days of crypto and has successfully endured multiple crypto winters. 

We pioneered multi-signature technology, recognized as the industry standard in security, and complement it with our TSS solution. 

BitGo has invested the time and energy to bring the best financial tools from mainstream treasury management to digital currency, and it shows in the quality of their products and services.
Nejc Kodrič, Co-Founder and CEO, Bitstamp
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Institutional custody, staking, and trading.
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Who We Serve