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Multi Cryptocurrency Wallet and Custody For Exchanges

Exchanges require the highest level of security, the broadest offering of assets, and immediate access to funds. BitGo offers a unified API that enables operational scalability for non-custodial hot wallets. Pair hot wallets with cold storage, and exchanges can utilize the most secure and customizable custody solution in the market. We take care of wallets, so you can focus on your core business.

What do exchanges require from a custodian?

Security and Policy Management

In 2018, over $800 million was lost in hacks, and users are increasingly concerned about leaving their funds on an exchange. Proper key and policy management is often overlooked when the focus is on trading activity. If these policies are not upheld, exchanges may face severe liability and reputational risk.


In order to grow revenue, exchanges have to continuously support an expanding variety of coins to meet demand from users. As trading volume grows, wallet infrastructure must be able to handle the additional activity.


Exchanges face a variety of development challenges while trying to scale -- including supporting new assets, trade support, forks, and airdrops. All assets should deploy multi-signature and continuously be monitored for maximizing uptime.

BitGo has the world’s largest team of crypto security developers. Trust your business to the leader in security, custody, and compliance.

$100 Million

in insurance

$300+ Billion

in transactions

throughout BitGo’s

6-year history

1st qualified



for digital assets

15% of all

onchain Bitcoin


200+ coins &

tokens covering

over 75% of

market cap

BitGo delivers unmatched security to help exchanges build trust with its users


100% multi-signature technology to remove single points of failure


Full white-label integration & API access


Omnibus and segregated hot and cold wallets to securely store client assets


Wallets that support millions of independent receive addresses


User and wallet controls to establish and enforce internal policies and procedures


Advanced fee management to guard against paying thousands in fees when usage spikes


Support for batched transactions to mitigate cost


Annual security review to verify secure setup of wallets


Two-factor authentication for all accounts


100+ supported assets with ongoing development for new blockchains, forks, airdrops and new technologies like SegWit, Bech 32, and Lightning Network

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