Hot wallets

Combine security and accessibility

Optimize for liquidity without sacrificing safety in the process.

Best for: Managing your operating capital

BitGo customers often keep a portion of their funds in hot wallets to handle transfers, staking, and DeFi more quickly.

Key management: Hot wallets

With hot wallets, you maintain the User Key and the Backup Key, while BitGo keeps the Platform Key.

To start a transaction, utilize your User Key. BitGo will only countersign if the transaction meets the policies you've set up in your account.

Diagram illustrating how clients hold the Client Key and Backup Key for hot wallets, while BitGo holds the Platform Key.
Screenshot of a hot wallet withdrawal request page.

Transfer funds quickly

Keep some funds liquid so you can capitalize on market opportunities or handle time-sensitive transactions. 

Unlike custodial wallets – where all keys get stored offline – BitGo hot wallets let you transact faster.

Screenshot of possible policies to edit in a BitGo wallet.

Transfer funds securely

Set up wallet policies to limit who can initiate or approve transactions, how much can be sent, and where the funds can go.

BitGo will only countersign a transaction if it meets all the policies you’ve set up for that wallet.

Screenshot of a detailed portfolio dashboard in BitGo.

Build a holistic solution

Pair hot and custodial wallets to keep some funds liquid and some funds extra secure. 

Then use hot wallets to access DeFi and staking, so you can put your funds to work.

Key features

Backup key storage

Store your Backup Key with a third-party. 

UI access

View or transfer funds directly via the BitGo app. 

API access

Access your hot wallets programmatically. 


Pre-approve the addresses where assets can be sent.

Velocity controls

Cap how much can move in a given timeframe.

User management

Set roles and permissions on an individual level. 

Hot wallets are provided through our BitGo Inc. entity. Learn more.

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