Stake more securely

Earn blockchain rewards easily from the safety of your BitGo hot or custodial wallets.

How it works:

Account Transfers

Select your asset

Choose from a number of supported assets, view its rewards rate, then specify the amount you want to delegate.

Delivery vs Payment


BitGo handles the delegation, provisions the validator, and maximizes uptime so you earn more rewards.

Off-Exchange Settlement

View rewards

Rewards are visible in your wallet immediately after the blockchain confirms your delegation.

Screenshot showing the ability to stake directly from cold, custodial wallets at BitGo.

Stake from safety

Delegate funds directly from your BitGo wallets, thus protecting your capital from unnecessary threats.

Choose to stake from either hot wallets or insured, qualified custody.

Screenshot showing the simplicity of the staking user interface.

Stake with simplicity

Start staking from your BitGo wallet in seconds, thanks to one-click staking.

See all staked assets from a single view, and get on-demand reporting on how much you’ve earned.

Screenshot showing staking balances across multiple coins.

Stake with flexibility

Choose to use our default validator to get limited slashing protection and reduce the risk of smart contract vulnerabilities.

Coin support for Staking

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Key features

One-click staking
Start earning rewards in seconds.

Staked balance view
See amount staked and rewards earned.

ETH validator auto-provisioning
Get started without needing your own validator.

Staking has been better than anywhere else. We enjoy the security of staking from cold storage, and the UI is cleaner.
Matt Rosen, COO and Co-Founder, Hyperion Decimus
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Staking from hot wallets is provided through our BitGo Inc. entity, and from custodial wallets through our BitGo Trust Company, Inc. entity. Learn more.

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Institutional custody, staking, and trading.
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