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We invest in Fintech
infrastructure companies in the digitized financial industry

BitGo Ventures is the venture investment arm of BitGo Inc., focused on innovative projects in the Fintech infrastructure leveraging blockchain technology. Our thesis is built on three key principles.


Infrastructure empowered by digital asset technology will unlock $12T alternative investment market

Individual investors are largely locked out of alternative asset due to the archaic and manual financial infrastructure. The solution lies in developing a digital-native infrastructure that not only aligns with traditional institutional requirements in terms of compliance and seamlessness but also harnesses the transformative power of blockchain technology.

Global Adoption

Global adoption is key to build scalable alternative investment infrastructure

In order to create a truly scalable digital financial infrastructure, we need innovators around the world to connect and build a global ecosystem. Blockchain technology serves as a pivotal bridge for global participants, facilitating a frictionless exchange of digital assets across borders. We aim to be the connector among fintech entrepreneurs around the world, leveraging BitGo’s global infrastructure.


Fintech innovation must be anchored in regulatory compliance

The demand for a regulated infrastructure that supports the burgeoning private securities and alternative asset market is at an all-time high. We believe true innovation arises from bridging the traditional with the new–and the regulation and compliance need to be at the heart of future innovation in the fintech sector. We support founders who are committed to build creative solutions to tackle difficult regulatory challenges in key jurisdictions.

Build with bitgo

Unique value created by the 
BitGo ecosystem of businesses

Wallets as a service & custody

Secure, trusted, scalable
wallet solutions.

Forged for your needs with qualified custody, self-managed custody, and hot wallets.

Isolate your keys with the leading battle-tested security technology for both hot and cold wallets.

Protect your assets with regulated and audited qualified custody, bankruptcy remote with up to $250M in insurance.


List, distribute, and manage your ecosystem

Provide your investors and employees with tools to manage their assets easily and securely.

Manage day-to-day asset operations. Access hundreds of ecosystems while staying compliant.

Integrate with leading exchanges and liquidity providers with tools for you to reach new users and grow your ecosystem.

Go Network

Secure, real-time 
global settlement.

Instantly settle USD and digital assets 24/7 with leading institutions, exchanges and liquidity providers.

Assets are secured in regulated custody to safeguard against counterparty risk.

Separate your custody and trading, eliminating single points of failure from a simple user interface.

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BitGo Ventures is making strategic equity investments in startups pursuing fintech infrastructure innovations and helping them succeed by leveraging BitGo’s global ecosystem

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Institutional custody, staking, and trading.
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