BitGo: BCH Hard Fork Updates
Olivia Lovenmark
Nov 15th, 2018/5 minutes to read

Check back here for continuous updates from the BitGo engineering team.

An earlier blog post provides details on the hard fork itself. Here, we’ll provide you with real-time updates:

  • 1:14pm PST — BCH sending is live. All transactions created after this moment from BitGo BCH wallets will be replay protected to only be valid on BCHABC. Note that you have to update to the latest SDK to be able to send transactions.
  • 12:25pm PT — We are in the final testing stage for BCH sends. BitGoJS version 4.40.2 or greater will be required for sending once we are back online. Only transactions built after we have brought BCH online will be replay protected and only valid on BCHABC. DO NOT send any transactions that were created before we brought BCH back online.
  • November 20th, 10:45am PT — Receiving has been turned on for BCH. We’re in the process of catching up to the chain tip and notifying customers about received transactions since the hard fork.
  • November 19th, 12:30pm PT — At 48 blocks ahead, ABC chain is leading in blocks, hash rate, total chain difficulty, community, and enterprise support. There have been about 600 blocks mined since the fork, and ABC has implemented wipeout protection for their chain. The post-fork situation appears to be sufficiently stable at this time, allowing BitGo to bring coin support online for Bitcoin Cash following the consensus rules of the Bitcoin ABC roadmap under the ticker BCH.

When BCH ABC comes back online, customers will receive BCH webhook notifications for the deposits of BCH ABC from the past 72 hours. BitGo recommends that you do not credit customers with SV at this time. When sending BCH from BitGo wallets on the ABC chain, we will construct transactions in such a manner that replay attacks will be prevented.

Please be aware of the following:

Tomorrow (11/20/2018), at 10:00am PT, customers will start receiving deposits. Two hours following that, at 12:00pm PT, they will be able to send. All BCH in their wallets will be BCH ABC.

Please exercise extreme caution when accepting any deposits of significant value. We recommend waiting 24+ confirmations before accepting any deposits. Attacks on the ABC chain have been threatened, and we cannot guarantee deposits will not be removed in such a scenario.

Please contact us with any questions or concerns.

  • November 17th, 4:30pm PT — We are continuing to monitor the fork. Currently, Bitcoin Cash ABC and SV chains are within 10 blocks, with no clear winner. Both sides of the fork remain vulnerable to 51% attacks, which have been threatened. At this time, the mining situation is not stable enough to allow BitGo a safe activation. The next update will be within 24 hours. Should you want to activate, please contact us.
  • 4:45pm PT — We have been monitoring the chain split and have reassessed the risk of resuming service. At this time it is still unclear which chain will retain more of the hash power in the long term. Therefore, in the interest of customer safety, we will not be resuming service of BCH. We will continue to monitor the chain over the weekend, and provide you with daily updates here. We will reassess the safety of resuming service early next week. If you would like to be enabled on the ABC chain, please contact us.
  • 11:15am PT — BitGo is only supporting BCH ABC. Any BCH transactions (send and receive) that happen on our platform will occur on the ABC chain.
  • November 16th, 10:05am PT — Network update: According to ABC is many blocks, ~25, ahead of SV. SV has been steadily catching up in terms of hash rate over the past few hours, and the two hash rates are starting to converge (though ABC is still ahead). Our team is continuing to monitor the progress.
  • 4:31pm PT — The engineering team has made progress preparing our platform for replay-safe transactions on the ABC chain. We have been able to successfully achieve the creation and sending of transactions on the ABC chain whilst preserving SV funds.

However, at this time it is not certain which chain will officially be recognized as “BCH.” There is a chance that deposits credited on “BCH” (currently ABC) within our platform will be reverted if the SV chain were to become dominant.

For the sake of customer safety, we are going to continue to watch both chains for another 12–24 hours. After this period, we will reassess the risks of resuming service for the coin on our platform. Please be informed that at that time, any transactions made (both sent and received) will be on the ABC chain, and we are unfortunately unable to guarantee which will come out ahead. Until a dominant chain emerges, the safest approach may be to pause sends and receiving on BCH.

As a customer, if you do want to transact (on the ABC chain), please contact us.

  • 12:02pm PT — The network is in an interesting state right now. According to, it’s been ~43 minutes since a new ABC block has been mined, and ~18 minutes since a new SV block has been mined. Internally, BitGo’s engineering team is continuing to work through the tainted coins, but we are in a holding pattern for a few hours until many more blocks have been mined on ABC.
  • 10:15am PT — So far, two blocks have been mined on ABC chain, none on SV chain.
  • 10:04am PT — The BCH hard fork has taken place.
  • 9:45am PT — SDK users will need to upgrade the SDK to make BCH sends, once sends are re-enabled.
  • 9:25am PT — The hard fork will take place in four blocks’ time.
  • 9:21am PT — We’ve turned off the indexer. Users will no longer see new blocks come in, new transactions, new webhook notifications, or balance updates.
  • 8:25am PT — We’ve shut down sends on BCH to avoid long chain reorganizations and customer’s funds being confirmed and then unconfirmed.
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