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TradeConnect Utilizes BitGo’s Hot Wallets and Qualified Custody for Optimal Security

About the Company

Type of Business: Multi-asset trading network
Region: Asia, China, Africa, Latin America and emerging markets

TradeConnect is a leading fintech company and multi-asset trading network. It connects cryptocurrency and traditional financial markets in a single, easy-to-use digital platform where you can trade Forex, Stock Indices, Commodities and Crypto CFD markets using cryptocurrency as margin collateral. The TradeConnect network utilises a unique ‘Connect Fee’ model that ensures trading fees remain low and it has a transparent central limit order book execution engine which ensures that every trade is fulfilled at the best price and best time without any interference from liquidity providers or the platform.

TradeConnect provides active Makers and Takers with up to 75% daily fee rebates, 100x leverage, guaranteed deep liquidity, instant execution, an array of powerful trading and charting tools, as well as real market price dynamics.

Opening a live trading account takes 30 seconds and is a fast and easy process. TradeConnect has liquidity partnerships with Tier 1 regulated firms that offer clients constant access to guaranteed deep pools of liquidity.

BitGo Services Used by TradeConnect

  • Hot Wallets
  • Cold Storage/Qualified Custody

TradeConnect uses BitGo hot wallets and connects its custom trading application to BitGo via API. TradeConnect set up core hot wallets for each supported cryptocurrency token as base trading account currencies. They use system hot wallets to help facilitate trade settlement.

When asked why they chose BitGo, Athol Nourse, Commercial Director at TradeConnect, said that “Our own research showed that the key drivers for crypto traders choosing a crypto margin trading platform are security and liquidity. We knew that a proven third-party custody provider was essential to delivering the security and confidence our customers need. We selected BitGo due to the company’s security, policies and experience.”

Nourse continues, “BitGo solves the security aspect—enabling us to not only build trust and confidence with both retail and institutional crypto traders, but also to develop confidence in the emerging markets we plan to cover. BitGo worked with us to set up a wallet structure that is customized to our business needs and provides both access and security. BitGo’s $100M coverage for assets in BitGo Trust was also a deciding factor, assuring us and our clients that assets are protected.”

The Benefits of BitGo

  • Battle-tested multi-signature security
  • $100M in insurance coverage for assets in BitGo Trust
  • Advanced security configurations
  • Robust API interface
  • Multi-user policy controls
  • Access to over 250+ coins and tokens
  • Support for blockchain work

TradeConnect credits BitGo with making it possible for them to launch and also with making it easier to manage their back-end balancing, fee pools and profit/loss reconciliation. In addition, BitGo helps TradeConnect secure assets that do not need to be in hot wallets by storing them in cold storage with BitGo Trust.

Looking to the future, Nourse said, “We will be expanding the crypto wallet options inside our trading app to give users more choice and more opportunities to trade different tokens across global financial markets. We will be adding an Android and web version of our platform too.”

Nourse continued, “We will also be expanding our product range aggressively, adding new financial markets and new financial assets. Our end goal is to have the TradeConnect Network connect crypto traders to any financial market in the world—providing the ability to securely trade those markets at any time, from anywhere, at the best price and with the lowest fees in the industry.”

To download the IOS app, please click here: https://apps.apple.com/app/tradeconnect/id1356588439

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