Encrypt Files

Encrypt Sensitive Documents

Please use this service to encrypt your sensitive documents. Once complete, only BitGo will be able to view the contents.

In order to securely verify your business, use the Select Files to Encrypt button below to encrypt the following documentation in your browser:

  • Certificate of Incorporation that includes corporation name, purpose of business, registered agent's name, registered agent's address, shares of stock authorized and incorporator(s)
  • Passport or government-issued identification document for each interest holder or beneficial owner of more than 10% of the company
  • Proof of business address: the 2 most recent months of bank statements or utility bills

After all documentation has been encrypted, download the encrypted files to your computer. Only BitGo will be able to view the contents of these encrypted files.

Send the encrypted files via email to compliance@bitgo.com to complete verification of your business.