BitGo Network

A safer way to trade

Join our network, where traders access multiple venues in a safe, direct manner and exchange partners get higher trading volume.

How it works:



Traders join BitGo and set-up accounts with participating exchanges.

Allocate and trade

Allocate assets to each eligible exchange and BitGo will update balances to enable trading. The funds never leave cold storage.

Settle off-chain

BitGo executes settlement instructions on a periodic basis.

How BitGo Network helps traders

Trade on multiple exchanges – faster, safer, and more efficiently than ever before.

Trade more securely

Buy and sell directly on exchanges while your funds remain in the safety of BitGo’s regulated, insured cold storage.

Limit the need to store assets in exchange wallets.

Trade more efficiently

Reduce operational and technical overhead.

Leverage a single interface/API to allocate and deallocate assets across multiple exchanges.

Trade faster, with more control

Speed up asset allocation with off-chain transfers.

Plus, customize BitGo’s policies and permissions to control the flow of funds.

Participating exchanges include:

Bitstamp logo.INX logo.

How BitGo Network helps exchanges

Drive higher, safer trading flow.

Get higher trading volume

Outcompete other exchanges. 

Make your trading venue more appealing to BitGo’s customer base of institutional and platform clients.

Work with high-quality firms

Reduce the risk of settlement failures since the funds stay locked during trading.

Separate custody and trading

Be well-prepared as regulations continue to evolve worldwide.

Comparing BitGo Network and BitGo Trading

When traders should use each.

BitGo Network

Best for sophisticated traders who wish to fine-tune their trades, managing the execution directly at each exchange.

BitGo Trading

Best for traders and platforms who wish to get quality price execution and reduce counterparty risk through our riskless principal model.

Key features


BitGo offers the only network operated by a regulated, qualified custodian.

Easy allocation

Traders can allocate funds between participating exchanges from one interface.

Off-chain settlement

Settlement occurs off-chain to reduce your transaction fees.

BitGo Network is available from certain BitGo entities. Please contact us for more information.

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Institutional custody, staking, and trading.
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