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Strengthen your DeFi security

Link MetaMask and your BitGo wallet to invest in DeFi with safer technology and better user controls.

How it works:

Account TransfersDelivery vs Payment
Off-Exchange Settlement

Link your wallet

Connect your MetaMask Institutional extension directly to your desired BitGo hot wallet.

Participate on-chain

Venture to a DeFi protocol to swap, provide liquidity, stake, and more. 

Do final approval from BitGo

Approve and securely sign all actions from BitGo, then watch them execute on-chain.

Level-up your security

Access DeFi backed by BitGo’s secure technology, rather than just a single-signature extension alone.

Pair with MetaMask to get the best blend of access and security.

Screenshots of BitGo and MetaMask Institutional, working together to provide DeFI access to investors.

Screenshot showing multiple steps in the crypocurrency withdrawal process at BitGo.

Manage the flow of funds

Leverage BitGo’s user-level controls to ensure key parties can see and approve the flow of funds within your organization.

Get visibility quickly so you can exercise proper oversight without sacrificing speed and execution.

Get better pricing

Pay a predictable fee for all DeFi transactions, rather than on a per-transaction basis.

Execute a multi-step strategy without your custodian taking a cut at every juncture along the way.

Screenshot of balances per crypto token.

Key features

Easy setup
Get started in just minutes. 

Transaction insights
Get insights, plus auditable transactions.

Wallet policies
Put extra controls on your account.

DeFi access is provided through our BitGo Inc. entity. Learn more.

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