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Autonomous Partners - BitGo Case Study

Arianna Simpson, Founder and Managing Director of Autonomous Partners, considers digital currencies an unprecedented opportunity to shape the future of finance. Autonomous Partners is an established cryptocurrency venture capital and hedge fund invested in blockchain-based technologies, with a significant crypto portfolio.

Securing those investments to ensure their safekeeping requires the experience of an expert custodian. With industry leading custody practices and procedures, BitGo was a natural choice for alleviating the fund’s security burden.

“BitGo understands security and compliance,” said Simpson. “They’re one of the earliest and most respected custodians in the cryptocurrency space.”

“They remove the stress of investing in and holding digital currencies - partnering with BitGo meant we didn’t have to build or maintain a full suite of security systems,” Simpson explained. “From a business perspective, it really means that we can dedicate our attention to our investment strategy knowing our assets are safe.”

BitGo Custody provides Autonomous Partners with advanced security featuring 100% multi-signature wallets and institutional grade policies and compliance. BitGo has been driving technical innovation surround security since 2013, when the company pioneered multi-signature wallets for digital currencies.

The benefits of BitGo include:
• Insurance covering both theft and data breaches
• Robust security controls: SOC 2, CryptoCurrency Security Standard (CCSS), and Committee Sponsoring Organizations of the Treadway Commission (COSO) alignment
• Security thought leadership: Instructors at Carnegie Mellon University CISO and CRO executive programs and FS-ISAC membership
• 100% multi-signature technology
• Bank grade vaults
• Broad support for coins and tokens, forks, and airdrops

But good custody goes beyond security. The fund listed reliable client service, responsiveness for inquiries, and having an ongoing relationship with the custodian as significant among their criteria for their wallet and storage provider. Trust between a custodian and client allows for peace of mind.

A reputable custodial solution also serves the interests of investors and limited partners in the fund, providing assurance that the fund is engaging the right partners. BitGo focuses exclusively on the institutional market, a critical distinction for funds like Autonomous Partners who are responsible for other people’s assets.

Since launching, the fund has become a well-respected name in the cryptocurrency space, having attracted investment in the fund from Union Square Ventures, Craft Ventures, and Cohen Private Ventures.

“With digital currencies and blockchain technology, we’re not only developing new financial infrastructure, we’re changing how people see and think of money. We’re redefining how money is issued and treated,” said Simpson. “At a societal level, this is a fundamental transformation; it’s the most important paradigm shift we’ll experience in our lifetimes in terms of how we pay each other."

Five years ago Simpson discovered Bitcoin and the potential for blockchainbased assets. But it was in 2017, after Bitcoin’s bull run brought an infusion of new talent and projects to the cryptocurrency space, that Simpson saw the opportunity to launch a fund fully focused on blockchain-based networks and currencies.

Since then, Autonomous Partners has targeted investment towards development of financial infrastructure for efficient transfer of digital currencies and privacycentric networks. Specifically, with the fund identifying financial autonomy as a fundamental human right, early investment has been made into leading privacy coins that are pushing the technical development of cryptography forward.

“The potential for people to maintain control over their money and be more selective about the financial transaction data they want to disclose is tremendously exciting,” said Simpson. “These coins require infrastructure, and that doesn’t exist yet which results in barriers to entry and usability challenges. We’re focused on helping solve those problems.”

“Demand is going to continue to grow to the point where eventually everyone is using digital currencies to transact,” Simpson explained. “If you’re thinking about Bitcoin as a tech company, it’s been around for a decade, and that’s a long time. But as the genesis of a new monetary system, Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are in their infancy. New monetary systems take hundreds of years to develop. This curve will be shorter, but adoption is going to take time.”

Autonomous Partners - BitGo Case Study

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