Scale your crypto platform for retail

Combine APIs, multiple wallet types, and access to liquidity to build the right back-end for your business.

Who we serve

Our retail platform customers include:

Retail FinTech


Lending platforms

Payment processors

Crypto ATMs

Trusted by top retail platforms

A few of the organizations who rely on BitGo:

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Illustration showing how BitGo customers can create multiple receive addresses to serve multiple end users, all connected to a single hot wallet.

Build on our wallet platform

Use our APIs to generate unlimited receive addresses, which you can use to manage your own users' activity.

Reduce the need for more engineers by combining our “Wallets as a Service” product with your own UI, KYC, ledger, etc.

Illustration showing a sophisticated setup, where a client's end users ultimately connect into a network of hot wallets, custodial wallets, and trading accounts, each serving a distinct purpose.

Safeguard and deploy funds

Rely on a full-stack solution to store assets safely, access liquidity, and generate yield – all from one platform with a unified API.

Keep the bulk of customer funds in BitGo Trust’s cold storage, while maintaining liquid funds in BitGo hot wallets.

Diagram showing how open loop and closed loop systems differ, based on whether crypto can move in and out of the system freely or whether the custodian holds the actual coins throughout.

Customize your architecture

Combine hot wallets, custodial wallets, trading, and beyond to create a holistic solution.

Leverage BitGo’s flexibility to build “open loop” or “closed loop” systems according to your needs.

Favorite products for retail aggregators

Wallets as a service

Custodial wallets


CryptoPay has gone from a simple Bitcoin wallet to a mature crypto-fiat solution. BitGo has always been our backbone for processing crypto transfers and custody of our crypto assets, offering everything needed to run and grow our business in a rapid and secure way.
Dmitrii Guniashov, Co-founder and CEO, CryptoPay
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Institutional custody, staking, and trading.
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Who We Serve