Drive returns without sacrificing security

Capitalize on market opportunities free from unnecessary exposure to threats.

Who we serve

Trading firms include:

Hedge funds

Prop trading firms

Quant funds

Market makers

OTC desks

Trusted by top trading firms

A few of the shops who rely on BitGo:

Pantera logo.Hyperion Decimus logo.Hashkey Capital logo.Netco Capital Management Inc. logo.Interledger Foundation logo.

Guard your investments

Keep your keys safe, thanks to BitGo’s status as a regulated, qualified custodian backed by secure technology.

Maintain treasury controls and auditable logs to track the status of your funds.

Illustration showing BitGo connecting you to exchanges and liquidity providers in order to trade cryptocurrencies through the riskless principal model.

Get deep liquidity

Trade with BitGo as your sole counterparty to access aggregated liquidity, eliminating the risk of front-running via our riskless principal model.

Get working capital by borrowing directly from BitGo on stable, collateralized terms.

Access DeFi securely

Deploy capital and farm yield while leveraging our DeFi integrations.

Get access from your browser without sacrificing security.

Favorite products for trading firms

Custodial wallets



BitGo is one of the earliest and most respected firms in the space, and that reputation was really important to us for our custody provider.
Arianna Simpson, Founder and Managing Director, Autonomous Partners
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Institutional custody, staking, and trading.
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Who We Serve