Go Network

Secure, real-time, settlement

Instantly settle USD and digital assets between parties on the network.

Go Network settlement solutions

Account Transfers

Account Transfers

Settle USD & digital assets between Go Network clients.

Delivery vs Payment

Delivery vs Payment

Settle USD & digital assets using Delivery vs Payment between Go Network clients.

Off-Exchange Settlement

Off-Exchange Settlement

Trade on exchanges in real-time while maintaining custody at BitGo Trust.

How the Go Network benefits institutions

Settle more securely

Assets are secured in BitGo Trust qualified custody and Go Network’s settlement solutions are designed to greatly reduce counterparty risk.

Access more counterparties

Settle transactions with any Go Network client, including leading institutions, exchanges and market makers.

Settle faster, with more control

Funds are settled in real-time, 24/7 using our internal ledger system.

Streamline operations with a simple user interface and API suite to manage cross-platform funding, settlement and trading activity.

Go Network Partners

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How the Go Network benefits exchanges

Improve settlement speed

Experience settlements processed in real-time, empowering you to expedite your operations and maximize efficiency.

Decrease settlement risk

Safeguard against settlement failures with Delivery vs Payment and Off-Exchange Settlement, minimizing risk and ensuring smooth transactions.

Separate custody and trading

Be well-prepared as regulations continue to evolve worldwide. 

Where assets are secured on the Go Network

All assets are held in qualified custody through BitGo Trust Company, Inc.

Digital Assets

Regulated, cold-storage qualified custody.


FBO omnibus accounts spread across 5+ FDIC insured banking partners.

Key features

Qualified custody

BitGo offers the only settlement network operated by a regulated, qualified custodian.

Instant 24/7

Clients can settle transactions instantly with counterparties on the network around the clock.

USD & digital assets

Clients have the ability to settle both USD and digital asset transactions.

Go Network is available from certain BitGo entities.

Please contact us for more information.

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Institutional custody, staking, and trading.
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