Collateral Management

Minimize counterparty risk

Reduce counterparty risk by segregating collateral from trading partners and exchanges held at BitGo Trust.

Key features

Lower counterparty risk

Allows trading partners with multiple counterparties to easily scale onboarding across their client base.

Segregate and protect assets

Insured up to $250m against theft or loss of keys with the ability for more.

Comprehensive reporting

Provides daily reporting to both parties to the trade.

Tri-Party Transaction Flow

BitGo's Collateral Management solution allows clients to safely hold collateral at BitGo Trust.

A collateral wallet linking both the client wallet and the pledgor wallet.
  • Bankruptcy remote entity

  • Qualified, regulated custodian

  • $250m insurance policy

  • SOC1 Type 2 and SOC2 Type 2 certified

Collateral Monitoring

Ongoing monitoring for collateral sufficiency, including daily mark-to-market. At the maturation or termination of the trade, return of collateral.

Segregated Collateral Accounts

Relationship governed by an Account Control Agreement and the Custodial Services Agreement. 

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