Borrow on better terms

Fund your trading strategy or obtain working capital – at a fair, stable price.

How it works:

Account Transfers

Sign agreement

Borrow directly from BitGo Prime as your sole counterparty.

Delivery vs Payment

Send collateral

BitGo Prime requires collateralized terms from all borrowers. 

Off-Exchange Settlement

Get capital

Collect your funds, whether or not you plan to ever custody them with us.

Access deep liquidity

Fulfill your funding requirements from one source, thanks to BitGo’s established network of major asset holders.

Benefit from competitive rates and the trustworthiness that comes from working with BitGo as your counterparty.

Get tailored, stable terms

Demonstrate your creditworthiness, then work with BitGo Prime on agreed conditions that suit your needs.

Benefit from predictable terms with transparent re-rates, since BitGo focuses on building long-term relationships.

Work more efficiently

Simplify your operational needs by working with BitGo directly instead of finding your own lenders.

Get access to more than just borrowing by making use of BitGo’s other offerings – like trading, DeFi, staking, and beyond.

Coin support for Borrowing

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Key features

Selective program
We optimize for high creditworthiness.

We require collateral for our loans.

Low risk of recall
Our lenders are often long-term holders.

Borrowing services are provided through our BitGo Prime, LLC entity. Learn more.

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Institutional custody, staking, and trading.
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