Safeguard your digital assets

Get insured, regulated, qualified custody – with the keys to your digital assets held offline in cold storage.

Best for: Protecting your long-term holdings

BitGo customers often keep the bulk of their digital assets in custodial wallets, optimizing for security.

Key management: Custodial wallets

With custodial wallets, BitGo holds all three keys, and keeps them in cold storage, isolated from the internet. 

To move funds, you must initiate a transaction with the BitGo team and pass a series of security checks.

Diagram showing that BitGo hold the Client Key, Backup Key, and Platform Key when it comes to custodial wallets.

How we keep your funds safe

With BitGo custodial wallets, your keys are:

A white shield showing that BitGo's qualified custody means your funds are guarded, regulated, stored, protected, defended, and insured.
Screenshot of a sample portfolio in BitGo.

Rely on the gold standard in security

Get peace of mind, knowing your digital assets are protected by a regulated custodian.

BitGo’s Trust entities are regularly audited by their regulatory authorities and required to meet high standards for capitalization, anti-money laundering, confidentiality, and more.

Screenshot of a trade order placed on BitGo.

Deploy funds from cold storage

Trade from cold storage with BitGo Prime, lend to us to generate yield, or stake to earn rewards.

Put your funds to work without exposing them to unnecessary threats.

Screenshot of possible policies to edit in a BitGo wallet.

Customize to fit your operations

Pair custodial wallets with hot wallets to keep some funds even more secure, and some funds more liquid.

Leverage wallet policies – like whitelisting, transaction limits, and user roles – to create an extra layer of safety.

Key features

Class III bank vaults
Cold storage is backed by bank-grade security.

Initiate withdrawals 24/7
Withdraw funds all week, with 24-hour SLA.

Identity verification
Stay safe with a series of procedures and controls.

Pre-approve the addresses where assets can be sent.

Velocity controls
Cap how much can move in a given timeframe.

User policies
Set roles and permissions on an individual level.

Custodial wallets are provided through our BitGo Trust Company, Inc, BitGo New York Trust Company, LLC, BitGo Deutschland GmbH, and BitGo GmbH (Switzerland) entities. Learn more.

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Institutional custody, staking, and trading.
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