Control your own security

Manage your own cold storage if required to do so by law or if you simply wish to have extra controls.

Best for: Extra security or compliance needs

Firms who do infrequent – but very large – transactions sometimes wish to leverage this setup for additional security.

Moreover, certain jurisdictions require keys to be held in specific physical locations, which you can do via self-managed cold wallets.

Key management: Self-managed cold wallets

With self-managed cold wallets, BitGo customers control two of the three keys, but do so in an offline environment instead of online.

Customers initiate and half-sign transactions offline, then upload them to BitGo for countersigning – without the user key ever being exposed.

Diagram showing how the client holds the Client Key and the Backup Key in a hot wallet, while BitGo holds the Platform Key.

Stay secure

Protect your funds without the client key ever being exposed online in any form. 

Customize the policies in your account – like user permissions or transaction limits – to add extra controls over your funds.

Stay compliant

Comply with local regulations if they require custody to occur in a specific place.

Continue to rely on BitGo’s leading technology and procedures.

Stay flexible

Protect your client key however you see fit, since you control it offline. 

You can also leverage the technology to build an even more sophisticated setup. (Recommended only for very advanced development plans).

Key features

Your hardware
Distribute supply chain attack risk through multiple distributors.

Our software
Run purpose-built tools to begin signing transactions. 

HSM protection
Depend on our system to honor your wallet policies.

Self-managed custody wallets are provided through our BitGo Inc. entity. Learn more.

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