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The digital asset market may be in its early stages, but astute investors won’t settle for just any custody solution. BitGo offers the most battle-tested and compliant custody on the market by focusing on security, compliance, and access to liquidity. We provide the most trusted and secure custody solutions for funds as proven by a client base that includes the world’s most sophisticated institutional investors.

What do asset managers require from a custodian?


Technological and operational security around private keys is the most critical factor for successful custody of digital assets. Proper security of digital assets requires audited controls for storage of keys, disaster recovery, geographical and personnel redundancies, egress out of cold wallets, and other vital processes.

Qualified Custody

Asset managers operate in regulatory environments that require proper due diligence and the protection of investors - these needs require a regulated custodial solution. Qualified custodians are audited by third parties to document treasury controls, insurance procedures, technology infrastructure, and conduct other important assessments as required by regulators.

Clearing and Settlement

Asset managers seek access to liquidity across multiple venues without compromising the security of their assets. Asset managers seek the ability to settle trades with minimal risk.

Access to liquidity without ever moving assets out of cold storage

BitGo Trust Company, a qualified custodian purpose-built for digital assets, is specially designed for asset managers that want access to liquidity within a highly secure, insured, and regulated environment. Working with a qualified custodian ensures investors that proper due diligence is being done around custody and compliance.

  • 100% cold storage technology in bank-grade Class III vaults to keep investor funds safe
  • Over 250 coins, tokens, stablecoins, and security tokens to provide access to more than 75% of the digital asset market
  • $100 million of insurance for assets held in custody to guard against hacks and theft
  • Complete record of all transactional and user activity to meet audit requirements
  • Organizational roles and policy controls to safely manage funds in cold storage and hot wallets
  • Integration with third party providers including fund administrators, EMS/OMS, and portfolio analytics

Leveraging our network of exchanges and liquidity providers, BitGo is building the most flexible solution, enabling asset managers to access liquidity and settle trades with BitGo. Gain access to capital assets in a growing digital network for settlement.

  • Trade on familiar venues with best pricing and execution
  • Stay secure and compliant in custody, not on exchanges
  • Mitigate counterparty risk through instant settlement
  • Better capital efficiency

Trust your business to the leader in security, custody, and compliance

$100 Million

in insurance

$325+ Billion

in transactions

40% of the top

performing crypto

funds secured

in custody

1st qualified



for digital assets

200+ coins

& tokens

representing 75%

of market cap

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BitGo offers the most battle-tested and compliant custody on the market by focusing on security, compliance, and access to liquidity.
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